GOD TV Channel transmission changes affect older generation Free-to-Air Satellite Receivers

If you are no longer receiving GOD TV via your Free to Air Receiver it might be because GOD TV used to be broadcast in an MPEG2 format and has now upgraded their broadcast to a MPEG4 format.
The transmission has also moved to a different satellite transponder to accommodate the MPEG4 format. As many of the older generation Free to Air Satellite Receivers are not capable of receiving MPEG4 transmissions viewers with these decoders will no longer have access to GOD TV, meaning an upgrade to your receiver will be required.

DSD300 “Blind Scan”

On a “Blind Scan” the DSD300 automatically picks-up the GOD TV Channel.
Watch our YouTube Clip on how to Blind Scan your DSD300

DSD300 “Rescan”

Newer generation decoders such as the DSD300 would need a “Rescan” or be Re-programmed to the new transponder parameters as below to regain access to the GOD TV service.

Transponder Frequency: 12 562 MHz
Polarity: Horizontal (High Band)
Symbol Rate: 30 000
FEC: 5/6
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