Solutions for cost-effective RF Video Distribution over Fibre

A modern day optical fibre network, capable of virtually infinite data transmission capacity, has become an essential platform to satisfy the high demand for large volumes of data transmission.

RF Video Overlay technology enables the addition of Television and Radio signal distribution over FTTx networks, allowing end-users to enjoy both analogue and digital television broadcasts without the need for the installation of external satellite and terrestrial antennas.

The capacity of optic networks combined with RF Video Overlay technology allows for the addition of a large range of Radio and Television services providing a competitive edge in any development.

RF Video Overlay is based on a mature technology and provides reliable and high-quality a linear television distribution platform that can be adapted to any size of network deployment.

Utilizing an existing / shared services fibre optic network, allows for a cost-effective deployment and low capital layout to developers and property owners.

Introducing a reliable, high quality and cost-effective solution for distributing TV services over fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

As bandwidth requirements continue to increase worldwide, fibre networks are essential for global operators and service providers to build competitive services and deployment of FTTH networks. Fibre networks not only deliver higher data speeds and are therefore critical for attracting new users, but they also slash operating costs and increase maintenance efficiency.

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