The all-in-one live streaming solution

The Johansson 8210 HDMI Streamer is an easy to use HDMI to IP Encoder. This device will allow users to easily stream HDMI Sources to both local and Web Viewers. Local viewers are able to view the stream in any web browser with no need to install any special applications. Using the Johansson 8210 HDMI Streamer users are also able to stream an HDMI Source to Online Platforms, Facebook live, YouTube live etc.


  • Places of worship: Stream your church service online
  • Music and Arts: Stream your performance to online viewers
  • Education: Stream your lessons
  • Business: Stream messages from your marketing department online
  • Advertising: Stream your adverts online to smart TV
  • Wildlife: Stream your watering hole or wild game live to viewers


  • Allows up to 30 simultaneous users (depending on the bitrate and the network infrastructure)
  • Enable an HDMI source on your local network using the built-in webpage (HLS unicast)
  • Multicast a HDMI source for an IPTV application (UDP multicast)
  • Publish your live stream to an online platform (RTMP)
  • HDMI loop-through for simultaneous viewing on a local TV

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