Free Satellite TV & Radio in Every Room with OpenView

Imagine reducing your monthly costs & still having Satellite TV & Radio in every room? With our range of products and solutions, we can offer you just that!

Our range of Open View Satellite Solutions, include a retro-fit onto your existing signal distribution infrastructure, or a complete upgrade, depending on your budget and system requirements.

Being customizable, our solutions are expandable up to as many veiwing points as you require over your existing coaxial installation, and could even be designed to deliver HD channels over your Coaxial or Fibre Network.

Our Solutions are not restricted to only hospitality environments, they can also be designed for Multi-Dwelling Units, Corporate Offices, Medical Centres, Sports and Entertainment environments.

The Open View HD decoder provides access to a free to view (no monthly subscription) satellite television platform. This compact decoder allows for A/V and HDMI connectivity to suit both analogue and digital RF distribution networks.

The options are almost limitless – speak to our Technical Solutions Team today to discover a Solution that suits you!

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